Knifemaking isn't something that I thought would ever lead to sales, let alone a website. I started it back in 2016, as a hobby to keep me occupied and help to distract me from work stress with the Canadian Armed Forces. It was strange when people started calling my pointy pieces of metal "art" - but I've come to embrace that description, with one minor caveat:

Art. But functional art.

My approach to knifemaking is based in a scientific approach to metallurgy and heat treatment of a broad variety of steel types. Everything about a knife is purpose designed for the end user - from the steel type and hardness - to the handle material - to the edge angle and overall blade geometry. You can read more about my different knifemaking processes on the Processes page.

 Evenheat Kiln oven - for precise heat treat temperatures

After ending a 15 year career with the Canadian Armed Forces, I wanted to pursue a hobby which was meaningful to me. I had developed an appreciation for quality edged tools over the course of my career, and wanted to produce similarly effective blades.

Kicking it in Afghanistan.
Knifemaking quickly grew beyond the boundaries of a hobby, and my shop is now set up with an array of tooling to support knifemaking.

I'm passionate about supporting the community of armed professionals and first responders, as well as civilians headed into adverse or hostile environments. If you have an urgent operational need for a specific type of blade, feel free to reach out - and I'll do what I can to help (regardless of the status of my books)

My custom books are closed currently (01-28-2021), as I work through a backlog of orders. Going forward, I'll accept a minimal number of custom orders, and post regular blade drops on this site. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, if you want more insight into my metallurgical adventures.